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Embracing the Future of Integrated Healthcare Marketing

If you’re like most of us, you’re not particularly inspired when you think about your local hospital. Your mind might go a different direction than that of upliftment and encouragement. It’s befuddling, really. Because if we only knew about the steady stream of miraculous work happening in most healthcare organizations today, those pictures in our minds would be different. This was the goal with this campaign...
Responsive healthcare website

The big problem is that many healthcare organizations have an array of stories to tell, but they become fragmented across multiple channels as they grow. Communicating success stories and ongoing initiatives become scattered across websites, blogs, annual reports, and printed collateral.

The result is an inconsistent brand awareness which leads to us falling back on our old dark cultural story about the nature of healthcare organizations.

This campaign embraced the opportunity to round up and unify all compelling initiatives, features, and coverage into a single website - a centralized hub. Now, by providing this “one-stop shop,” the healthcare organization is able to keep their community members, employees, and stakeholders abreast (and, of course, uplifted).

Transforming the Story into a Calculated Interactive Experience

The responsive website now features video and a dynamic news content section so returning users can stay abreast on latest and trending healthcare topics. It also includes interactive infographics and a data-driven content strategy.

Responsive healthcare website

A Book Should be a Book

The annual book layout serves as a print companion of the website that highlights select initiatives, success stories, and impact made throughout the previous year. Instead of the typical flat and painfully boring industry-oriented approach, we made it a visually compelling and captivating story for anyone to read.


Digital Espresso Shots of Information

If a picture paints a thousand words, an animated interactive infographic paints a million. By showcasing facts in a visual manner, it clearly illustrates how the organization is making a difference. As the user hovers with their mouse (or touches) each topic, they’re treated to a colorful espresso shot of animation that reveals compelling stats.


Digital Ads that Delight (and Work)

If you’re going to jump in front of people’s digital experience with an ad, it’d better be one that’s beautiful, useful, and action-oriented. Renown saw an increased visitation throughout the community and Western region of the United States that tied directly back to these ads.


Print Poster Design

Yes, it’s true. People do actually leave their digital devices to walk around. Outside, even. These printed posters artfully increased awareness in brick and mortar locations.


Artful Branded Swag

If you can’t see yourself wearing, using, or drinking out of it - why even bother? The artful approach is always the best approach. Even with swag such as mugs, t-shirts, and pens.