Ad Campaign

Small Details Create
the Big Picture


Visionary Eye Center


Campaign Direction, Photography, Copy, Illustration, Design

Seizing the day with ownable moments

If we had to name one thing that makes brands stand out from the rest, it’s custom photography. Optometry practice Visionary Eye Center had a need to educate current and potential customers about their meticulous attention to detail and great warranty service. Being a brick and mortar location, we sought out to produce physical posters, then amplify the experience online with display and social media ads to carry out the "better vision" campaign.

Getting the combo right with positioning & photography

Our goal with this advertising campaign was to create family-friendly memorable posters and display and social media ads, primarily fueled with ownable, custom photography.

Collaborating with the client, headlines were written and then married with visual storyboards for photography planning. Once the combos were concrete, we enlisted talent and the studio photoshoot was underway, which included wardrobe planning, props, hair and makeup. The production set included various colored backdrops with a robust five-light set up to light each scene.

Afterward, final photos were touched up, and designs underway with typography and hand-crafted illustrations.

The end result were several large format posters printed and framed throughout the office, as well as digital campanions for both digital display and social media ads.