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About Miley Studios

I’m so glad you’re here.
Welcome to the studio.

There’s a lot to look at on this site, so I’ll keep this note short. I just wanted to quickly say hello (because anything short of that would just be rude) and give you a quick rundown on what this studio is all about.

Let’s talk about the word ‘studio’ because I created it intentionally. It’s been so satisfying to remove the several complex layers that exist between you and the finished work that you might find when working with a larger agency.

When you work with me, you get me at every touchpoint. No layers. No barriers.

Limitless Possibilities

Clients have direct access to my 15 years of industry experience working in high-level leadership roles at digital agencies handling millions of dollars worth of creative service accounts every year. Plus, I’ve partnered with a small army of top design creatives, writers, and illustrators that I can assemble on-demand.

This means the possibilities are limitless.

So this is what’s on offer... An intimately comfortable and responsive bespoke service environment along with the battle-tested experience and capabilities of working with a top-level digital agency. This is Tim Miley Studios.

I can’t wait to go on this ride with you. There’s more to you and your story than you know. I look forward to revealing it to the world in a big way.


Guiding Principles

Setting up for predictable success

Beginning with the
end in mind

Making data-informed decisions ensures that we’re driving toward goals that will bring you measurable success. We’ll work together to establish a clear vision and then work backwards from there.

Partnering with passionate-minded people

We have a deep passion in making a positive creative impact. Challenging the status quo, crafting the big picture, and sweating over the small details help create memorable, standout experiences. Barriers are removed when all parties share the same passion. 

Bringing you
the entire wheel

The spokes of a wheel aren’t useful on their own. Your brand needs the entire wheel to go the distance. Impact is greater with unified brand experiences, not small one-offs.

Where art marries science

Science comes first to draw healthy boundaries based on data-informed goals. But then comes the fun stuff. Within those boundaries, anything is possible. When play happens, so does magic. When magic happens, your brand can fly.

Daring to disrupt

You’re not here to play small. You know you have to stand out. We’ll work to find a cozy open place in your prospective customer’s psyche and occupy it before your competition does.

Intentionality over fluff

We won’t produce a video just to look cool and flashy. We’ll create a video intended to serve a purpose and create an emotional connection between your customers/prospects and you. Intentionality always comes first.

If Awards Are Any Indicator...

Here’s the thing... Awards only mean so much. What really matters are the results the work brings you. (That said, awards are pretty great.)


Webby Awards

Communicator Awards


Hermes Creative Awards

Ad Person of the Year

Addy Best of Show

Addy Awards

Web Awards

Davey Awards

W3 Awards

MarCom Awards

Summit Creative Awards